Collection Site Management

DISA Collection Sites

Onsite Services

DISA can provides scheduled Onsite Services at our customers facility or designated location. 24/7 on call Emergency Drug Collection Services are also available.

Collection Site Finder

DISA has an extensive clinic database with hundreds of collection sites Nationwide. Our Clinics Department Representatives are prepared to locate collection sites across the U.S. by city and state or zip code. Should your company have a specific collection site in mind, we will gladly contact them to verify they meet our criteria and establish an account.

Once a collection site is set up, Forward Edge will provide them with the necessary drug testing supplies. Our clients also have the option of sending employees/prospective employees into the collection sites with drug testing supplies, if they prefer.

Companies that have Drivers can request our “Post Accident Kits”, which are complete kits that drivers carry in their vehicles. Because accidents may occur after hours or in remote areas, these kits can be taken into the nearest collection site available – even if it has not been previously set up. Thus assuring that a drug collection and breath alcohol test is performed as soon as possible following an accident.

Collection Site Certifications

We maintain collection sites’ documentation on Collector and Breath Alcohol Technician Certifications. Copies can be provided to our Clients upon request.