Background Verification Services

Social Security Number (SSN) Trace

This nationwide search provides a name and address history associated with a social security number provided by a candidate. This search also identifies other aliases (other names the applicant may have gone by), as well as revealing addresses the candidate may not have provided. This search is usually recommended as the first step in employment screening.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Helps validate an applicant’s identity.
  • Uncovers aliases, such as maiden names, which may be needed for criminal records and other research.
  • Assists in verifying address information reported on an application.
  • Identifies additional names and counties of residence for criminal records checks.
  • Average Turnaround Time:   24 hours or less

    Government Exclusion Search (Patriot Act , OFAC Search)

    This is a search of the U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control and Department of Health and Human Service Office of Inspector General exclusion listing. These listings include those who are excluded from entering or doing business in the United States due to their activities or support of activities defined as terroristic or criminal in nature.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Provides up-to-date information about known and suspected terrorists.
  • Average Turnaround Time:   24 hours or less

    Sex Offender Registry Search National/State

    This is a search of both the Nation’s U.S. Dept. of Justice’s Sex Offender Database and State-specific database searches. It provide details of searches of the single or multiple states selected related to sex crimes and risk levels.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Provides up-to-date information about known and suspected sex offenders
  • Average Turnaround Time:   24 hours or less

    National Criminal Search

    We search a powerful multi-state criminal database contains millions of felony and misdemeanor records from across the nation. Data sources include County/Municipal Courts, Administrative Offices of the Court (AOC), Departments of Public Safety (DPS), Departments of Corrections (DOC), Sex Offender Registries and more.

    This search is recommended as a pre-screening tool. All possible hits (records found) should be reconfirmed at the court to ensure the information is accurate, complete and up-to-date at the time it is reported.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Helps broaden your criminal records research and can detect offenses outside counties of residence, work or school attendance.
  • Easy method to conduct research in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Reduces negligent hiring exposure.
  • Fast turnaround
  • Average Turnaround Time:   24 hours or less

    County / Federal Criminal Records Search

    With a national network of trained research partners, DISA can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date criminal data available directly from the courts.

    County criminal searches cover felony and misdemeanor (as located at the county seat) criminal records for the previous seven years. Additional years may be requested. Results provide conviction details and pending case information and usually include date and nature of offense, sentencing date, disposition and current status.

    Criminal records found in District Courts cover federal charges, including, but not limited to, tax law violations, immigration offenses, embezzlement, terrorism, interstate drug crimes and civil rights violations.

    All U.S. courts are available. International criminal checks can also be performed.

    Searching all counties where the applicant lived, worked and attended school is recommended for the previous 7 or 10 year period.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces negligent hiring exposure and protects against workplace violence threats.
  • Validates information reported on application regarding any past criminal convictions.
  • Most accurate and up-to-date method of searching.
  • Recommended for all positions.
  • Average Turnaround Time:   24-48 Hours (U.S. Courts) Delays are possible in some jurisdictions.

    County / Federal Civil Records Search

    These searches are performed at County or Federal Civil Courts and provide information pertaining to lawsuits filed against an individual or a company.

    County civil records searches are performed on-site at county courthouses just like criminal records searches. County searches identify non-criminal lawsuits filed by an applicant or against an applicant. A civil suit is a non-criminal dispute between two or more parties and can involve contract disputes, money, property, rental evictions and more.

    Federal civil searches are usually considered white collar offenses and may include records that involve federal statutory violations or constitutional rights. Civil cases are filed by individuals, businesses or government entities and usually seek monetary damages, injunctions or other legal remedies. Federal civil cases deal with many types of issues, including interstate commerce, anti-trust activity and violations of federal laws.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Helps detect pending or previous litigation.
  • Determines if a past civil judgment exists.
  • May uncover a pattern of litigious behavior.
  • Can also be helpful when vetting contractors, business partners and vendors.
  • Average Turnaround Time:   24 to 48 hours Delays are possible in some jurisdictions.

    Education Verification

    Education is one of the things that applicants falsify most often on employment applications, making this a highly valuable service. Education Verifications confirm reported dates of school attendance and earned degrees. They may also provide major courses of study, GPA and other details, if available.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Validates applicant has degree required for the job.
  • Helps detect falsified credentials.
  • Outsourcing education verifications frees up internal staff to focus on other core initiatives
  • Average Turnaround Time:   48 – 72 hours Delays are possible due to dependency on responsiveness of educational institutions

    Employment Verification

    Employment Verifications validate an applicant’s reported employment history with current and/or previous employers. The research verifies date of hire, date of separation and last position held. This report will also provide, if available, salary information, cause of separation and rehire status.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Validates employment history data supplied on job application.
  • Ensures applicant has experience and position(s) at employers as claimed.
  • Helps eliminate any unexplained gaps in employment.
  • Reveals any exaggerated or falsified employment data.
  • Assists employers to demonstrate due diligence in the hiring process.
  • Average Turnaround Time:   48 to 72 hours Delays are possible due to dependency on responsiveness of employers

    Note: Customized questions may be added, but must pass our internal review process to ensure they do not conflict with any legal restrictions. We cannot guarantee a response.

    Employment Verification II

    This search provides Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant verification of any specified level of an applicant’s employment history for the past two years. Also obtains drug and alcohol testing history from past employer(s) concerning dates of confirmed positive tests for drugs or confirmed alcohol test results of 0.04% or greater. Results include any drug test, evidential breath or saliva alcohol test, refusals to test including verified adulteration or substitutions and treatment records (to determine compliance with 49 CFR Part 40.25) performed within the last two (2) years as required under Federal Requirement 49 CFR Part 40.25.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Keeps employers in compliance with DOT regulations
  • Average Turnaround Time:   72 hours Delays are possible due to dependency on responsiveness of employers

    Moving Violation Report (MVR)

    DISA provides easy access to national Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs). MVRs report driving record information, including license status, offenses, violations, DUIs and suspensions for the past three years. Some states offer reports that cover additional years.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Some states do not include convictions for DUIs on criminal court records, making driving records a
          valuable tool in uncovering these offenses.
  • Provides detailed information about a candidate’s history of violations, suspensions and other information.
  • Recommended for all positions that will be operating a company-owned vehicle or driving as part of job duties.
  • Average Turnaround Time:   24 hours or less – Note: Some states require signed releases on their prescribed forms before MVRs can be obtained

    Worker Compensation Records (Where law allows)

    This search may reveal if an applicant has filed a claim for workers’ compensation in the state where the search is conducted. The history will usually report the last five (5) events and include case numbers, locations, case status, dates of injury, body parts injured, type of injury, and all party information including lien claimants.

    Employers are cautioned to have policies and procedures in place before using these records. Applicants may not be discriminated against because of their lawful right to file a claim nor be denied employment if they are able to perform essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodations or are not a health or safety threat to themselves or others.

    When using these searches, employers must comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and adhere to all federal and state-specific laws.

    Workers’ Compensation Records are a statewide search available in select states and usually must be conducted post-employment offer.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Identifies fraudulent claims made by an employee about previous workplace injuries.
  • Aids in prevention of placing candidate in a position that may risk re-injury.
  • Average Turnaround Time:   48 to 72 hours

    DISA can create a specifically designed verification package to meet the individual needs of your company. Please contact us concerning the services you would like to include in your Screening pre / post employment package.

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