Workplace Compliance

Policy Development

A Company policy is the framework for your organization. Customized policies are designed to meet DOT regulatory requirements, and/or unique company program testing requirements. (NonDOT, NASAP, FAA, FMCSA, FRA, FTA, PHMSA, USCG)

Roster Management and Random Selection

Tools are provided for members to easily manage the company roster and receive random notifications.

Rosters are managed using our Web Services access. Members may view by account or job number while also allowing to move or delete employees.

Random Selections are provided through our Web Service access. As employees test, they are removed from the current selection list to help manage the process of testing for that draw.

Reporting features allow members to print test summary reports and provide access to previous random selections and random roster by draw date.

Compliance Reports

Our Compliance specialists provide statistical data reporting to keep members current with multiple auditing entities. (MIS, DOT Annual and Semi-Annual, NASAP, site specific)


Specimen Collector, Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT), and Supervisor/Reasonable Suspicion training is offered monthly. All courses meet the requirements provided under Department of Transportation rule 49 CFR Part 40. To attend, please contact us at or call (713) 920-1335 for the next available session.